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rubber chicken
I have very important thoughts about today.

Ok, so, let’s recap, shall we? Since I haven’t posted in a while. I’m now 24. I’ve got a decent-paying job (it would be incredibly well-paying anywhere but SV), and that job trained me so that if something happened and I wanted to move or what-not, I would be able to find a new job with relative ease. I know how deal with my car, for the most part—not the inner workings, but I can keep it going. I can handle my own taxes and chores. I’m educated and intellectual and possibly over-analytical (but that is a post for another time).

And you know, I’m really grateful for all of these things. I’m the first to admit I have a billion faults (mental instability, overly sarcastic, possibly over-analytical, and my social skills are somehow getting worse), but I’m relatively self-sufficient, and I’m smart enough to continue to be self-sufficient. If things don’t go my way, I can adapt, and I wouldn’t need anyone egging me on or assisting. That’s huge. And as far as skills go, I think that this is probably one of the more valuable strengths to have. So I’m happy that I am this way, and I’m happy that I was allowed to be this way—essentially, I’m glad that I’m single because it taught me these things (or at least, taught me that I can manage, because I don’t think that getting married immediately out of college or whatever would have hurt the ability to pick up those skills—but anyway).

So long story short, I’ve got some bitterness about being single, yeah. But I’m also grateful about it. It doesn’t bother me, short-term at least.

But there is an attitude that bothers me, and it was incredibly prevalent today on Facebook. Look, if you’re going to shove the “my life is so wonderful because of my significant other!” thing down everyone’s throat, fine. (Although if your life is wonderful because of said significant other, then that actually sucks, because significant others don’t last.) But what I almost find offensive is the idea that it can happen to anyone—I’ve lost track of how many posts I’ve seen today with remarks like “Just saw a group of boyfriends buying flowers for their girlfriends—girls should get flowers everyday!”, or just general remarks that imply that every girl gets flowers and gets the boy (or the girl, given my Facebook friends), and that every boy gets the girl if they try. People who assume that the only people who remain single are single because they want to be. People who just think that, since things worked out so easily and wonderfully for them, why not for everyone?

Seriously, do you believe that?

And in many ways I’m envious—because hey, you must be living a pretty cozy life if you can get into your mid- to late-twenties and assume that most lives have happily every afters. And on the other hand, I’m thankful that I don’t think that way, because it’s simply oblivious. To assume that everyone ends up happy because you’re happy is just a limited point of view. Because people don’t always end up happy. I’ll tell you now that, even though I would love to get in a relationship and get married and have kids at some point, I’m not naïve enough to think it will happen—and it certainly won’t happen solely because I want it to. Plenty of people aren’t going to get flowers, aren’t going to get the girl—what, do you think that we’re all invisible? Geez.

(And on a side note, this attitude is mostly prevalent with the people I know who got married shortly out of college. Probably because if you were single a while longer, you understand the misery. And many times, I don’t think it fades. But anyway.)

So Happy Valentines to some, and Happy Singles Awareness Day to others, and especially to some, Happy Naivety Day. May this following year open your eyes to how the world actually functions.
rubber chicken
Or the fifth. Or the seventh. Or the anything odd, really.

Since freshman year of high school, I've spent quite a bit of time being the third wheel, the add-on, the single-in-what-is-otherwise-a-massive-group-double/triple/quad-date. And it's just getting very tiring.

I suppose now, since I live with a married couple, I should feel used to it. But still. It's aggravating feeling trapped in your bedroom because everything that is going on outside is a multi-couple-event.

Better get used to it tho.

ETA: The always awesome thekatiefactor sent me this, which made me feel much better. Also, intellectually superior.
rubber chicken
So, let's rehash everything:


Yeah, nothing much has changed. Still living in the same place, working in the same place, volunteering in the same place, etc. Life is much the same, and kind of boring.

OH! I did just finish watching Firefly and Serenity, and would fully pay to see a feature-length film featuring nothing other than River Tam kicking butt. Those were, by far, the best fight scenes I have ever seen. I think I preferred Serenity to Firefly, though, because Firefly was all set-up--at the end, I could see that something awesome was forming, but it never came through. Serenity, though, was where all the awesome came out.

I also went through all of Buffy and Angel in a three month period. It was epic and beautiful and I wish I was online when it was all happening. I'm reading the comics, but it isn't quite the same. Following that, I tried to get into Dollhouse, but I couldn't get past episode four (I've heard, through, that episode 5 is where it takes off, so maybe I should try again).

I should post more often.
5th-May-2011 12:00 pm - Writer's Block: Cinco de Mayo
rubber chicken
Do you consider yourself patriotic? If so, how do you express it?

YES. My life is a full on English-pride celebration. I love my country. Go England!!!!

rubber chicken
If you won a free trip to the moon, would you go? Why or why not?


I kind of want to be shot into space when I die.

Not too thrilled about Osama's death. I mean, I'm glad he can't plot to kill any more. But this isn't justice-death for somebody who killed almost 3000 within a day? That's still not just, and he was hardly the only one to plan it. And there are other masterminds out there.

But a step forward, anyway. Right?
rubber chicken
If you had to give up swimming, skiing, hiking, or biking for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why?

Well, I like skiing and biking, so not either of those. I'd say swimming, I guess, because I might need to hike when I am on the run from something (don't know what, but I am trying to prepare myself nonetheless).

Guess I haven't updated for a while. So. UPDATES.

I'll remember how to do a cut one dayCollapse )

I'm thinking of seeing Thor at midnight. Anyone else interested?
6th-Sep-2010 11:13 pm - ow

Today I went on a spontaneous bike ride, which was good, to San Francisco. I thought it would be ~30 miles, and I knew that I could do twenty, so an extra ten wouldn't be too bad. Turns out it is over forty (which, in retrospect, makes a lot of sense, because those last ten miles KILLED ME) and because it is Labor Day, trains were funky and I didn't make it to Ghirardelli's, which means I didn't get the sundae I so badly wanted. Boo. This will need to be fixed sometime. However, I did get a very nice tan out the experience.

Slow news day, overall. I'd put money on David Slade for The Hunger Games film; at least, I think he would do the best. The other two might be cheaper, though, so we shall see.

Also: I kinda really badly want to see the live-action Mulan, whenever it comes out.

I keep on thinking there is nothing to look forward to lately, but then I remember that Easy A comes out this month and The Social Network in a month and the new Rick Riordan books is coming out soon too. Plus, we should be seeing a new HP7 trailer this month. These are the sort of things that get me through the work week. I need to get more of a social life.
2nd-Sep-2010 11:59 pm - General Updates
rubber chicken
long-ish updateCollapse )

Bedtime, now. Maybe that'll make things better (probably won't).
5th-May-2010 11:38 pm - stupid stupid paper
rubber chicken
Another day filled with compulsive email and phone checking, and...nothing. Boo.


in other news, i had delicious Cheeseboard twice today for Cinco de Mayo. Corn Pizza, yay! It is so yummy.

I am working on my paper still; I am about halfway done with my second draft, which is infinitely better than my first one (although still several varying degrees of poo). I can't tell if I am repeating too much; I am trying to bring across different points with all of my paragraphs, but I do not know if I am being successful. I think that I will probably deal with that tomorrow (this revision was focusing more on getting details into the right paragraphs, dividing jumbo paragraphs into smaller ones, etc.). At least I'm not at the page minimum (10). Grahhh.

Election day for my Homeland tomorrow. Go Monster Raving Loony Party! I am not quite sure who they stand for, but I like the name (ugh that is so American of me) and I support insanity. Insane people would probably do a better job than sane people at running a country. I'm just saying, you know, most powerful politicians are probably A-grade psychopaths. We should just admit it and move on with our lives.

I got my Federal Jury Summons. I have two weeks this summer where I can't plan to do anything (not even a phone interview) because I might need to show up in San Jose. But I have PLANS. And they involve introducing myself like this:

ME: Hi, my name is Christine. I support the Monster Raving Loony Party. This past semester at Berkeley, I protested budget cuts, IB 1040, and Propostion 13. Prop 13, for those of you that are wondering, means that big corporations do not have to pay as much in taxes to the government. Chances are, all you lawyer-y and politician-y people, you get big fat checks from these companies. I will BRING YOU ALL DOWN.

This, I think, will safely let me escape the call of the Feds.

I got my copy of The Red Pyramid today!! I look forward to reading it when I am done with all my papers. Mark will probably want to borrow it, but if anyone else is interested, I can give them a go. I also want to finally read the Millenium Trilogy this summer. I can't believe I haven't read books about sex trafficking and general butt-kickery yet.
4th-May-2010 11:24 pm - Ramblings
rubber chicken
Still no news on Colorado.

There is a two-way tie for today's quote of the day. The tie? "Man, it must be so hard to be a psychopath," from my friend Miki, and "As far as badasses go, I am number one!", from Puck, my future hubby. Drool. DROOL.

(He looked amazing in tonights episode, by the way.)

In other news, McDreamy is going to be in Transformers, Eclipse is premiering at a Film Festival (What? Huh? I thought film festivals were for elite, good movies) and Nashville is under water (thekatiefactor, nooooo!!). It's going to be an interesting week.

I'm writing my last English paper! It is halfway done! It is really disorganized! It is due in 60 hours! And I have another paper due Saturday that I haven't even started. Oh, Dead Week. I don't think I've procrastinated this badly since...actually, I don't know if I ever have procrastinated this badly. Ever.
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